Karen Speaks: DecodING CANNES & more


Karen has spoken to thousands of marketers across North America unlocking the creative trends that will define and drive business in the year ahead.

She believes creativity is a marketers’ most powerful weapon in a tough market. Her presentations are a shot of inspirational adrenaline.

Karen is a proud member of the
Cannes Advisory Board

Her speeches include:

Decoding Cannes 2018
An inspiring look at global trends in creativity, culture and technology.

ROE. Return on Emotion is the new ROI
Consumer attention is today’s most precious currency. Howe examines how emotion has the power to connect people and brands.

Shaking it Up
Harness creativity and turn it into your unfair advantage over your competition.

How Creativity Heals the World
Howe shows how creativity helps with some of the most profound issues facing society today such as poverty, sexism, genital mutilation, child labour and pay inequity.

The Other 85%
Over 80% of buying decisions are made by women, yet less than 10% of creative directors are female. A hard look at the how brands talk to women. 


Upcoming Talks:

DEC 6 - Fountain Tire  (Edmonton)

DEC 15 - Fuse Marketing

Coming up in January:

• Globe Media Group in Calgary and Vancouver

• Canadian Cancer Society

• UM

• MediaExperts

• Jungle/Cossette Media

What people are saying: 

Cannes Decoded” is a must-attend, hotly anticipated presentation at our shop. Karen imparts the latest trends from the world’s best marketers, all in a fast-paced, highly visual and engaging session that consistently leaves us both emotionally drained and bursting with inspiration. If you can’t go to Cannes, let Karen come to you.
— Josh Cobden | EVP & GM | Proof
Cannes Decoded” is a must-see. Karen Howe pinpoints global trends in marketing and creativity and brings them alive through the best work from around the world. You’ll walk away armed with inspiration and knowledge.
— Glenn Hollis | Former SVP/CMO | Manulife
Karen’s presentations are exceptional. She expertly curates, categorizes and decodes a deep selection of the work, unlocking the insights, trends and drivers that make it great, thought-provoking creative. Her love of advertising, the work and the business clearly shines though in her delivery.
— Robert Jenkyn | Executive Vice President | Media Experts
We had the pleasure of Karen’s “Cannes Decoded” presentation. It focused on current global marketing trends over the past year with a humorous, unique and fresh perspective. It was an inspiring session. Looking forward this year’s!
— Nicole Avery | VP, Global Brand & Media Management, Scotiabank
Karen’s presentation was incredibly thought-provoking. It inspired the entire team to strive for bolder ideas.
— Dolores Keating-Mallen | Former SVP/CCO | Corus
A focused, insightful, and memorable collection of work, that entertained and inspired each of us. We’ll have her back every year!
— Jason Doolan | Director of Marketing | General Mills
Karen shared great examples of brands that know they need to not only be relevant but they also need to stand out!
— John Doig | CMO | Scotiabank